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Now that the opponent's attack has been stopped by a block in a solid stance, you are ready to counter, if needed, with a punch.

The first punch to be learned is a Forward Punch (Junzuki). You are punching with the same-side hand as the front foot as your Forward Stance. The fist is chest-high and aimed at the center of the body. The other hand is at your side and level with the fist, back to the edge of the body.

Forward Punch, Junzuki

Forward Punch (Junzuki).

In the Forward Leaning Punch (Junzuki No Tsukomi) you are in a Leaning T-Stance with the front heel directly under the center of the body. The forward hand is at eye-level, punching to center while your back hand is at your side and level. The body is in a straight line from the shoulder to the back of the heel.

Forward Leaning Punch, Junzuki No Tsukomi

Forward Leaning Punch (Junzuki No Tsukomi).

The Reverse Punch (Gyakzuki) is also from a Forward Stance but the hand on the side of the back foot is punching to the center of the chest, with the other hand at your side and level at Ready Position.

Reverse Punch, Gyakzuki

Reverse Punch (Gyakzuki)

The Reverse Leaning Punch (Gyakzuki No Tsukomi) starts in an Hourglass Stance with the hand on the same side as the back leg punching down and towards the groin. The upper part of the body turns into the punch with the shoulders ending up in a straight line with the fist of the punching hand.

Reverse Leaning Punch, Gyakzuki No Tsukomi

Reverse Leaning Punch (Gyakzuki)